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John Charles Weston

JohnCharlesWeston1When John was four years old he fell from a jungle gym. In the fear that he may have suffered a concussion, his parents woke him in the middle of the night and asked, “Who is the greatest composer of the 20th Century?”. His response was, “Stravinsky!”. As a child, John studied classical music at the piano for several years, but found his true calling in the dusty grooves of his parents’ classic rock and pop collection. “I was mesmerized by the color of the late-60s’ psychedelic recordings, the belly-bursting soul of the Motown sound, and the raw, larger-than-life energy of my favorite southern rockers.” Most of all, he grew increasingly interested in the history, construction and production of the popular song. Professionally, John has lead and performed in bands all over the United States. He currently works as an independent musician in Chicago, IL where he performs up to seven nights a week. John also runs the Weston School of Music, Chicago which provides private, after-school music instruction to students of all ages. He has been teaching for over ten years and considers it an integral part of his work and goals as a local, independent musician.

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