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Dear Parent, Student or Reader,
Welcome to the Weston School of Music! I am glad that you have taken some time to come and learn about us, and to explore the possibility of growing through music. This could be the first exciting step down a life‐long and life‐changing journey.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy at the Weston School of Music is that everyone deserves music.
We encourage our students to use music as a positive outlet for creative expression, as a means of developing confidence and purpose, and, of course, to have fun! We believe that everyone can succeed at learning music, and that they can use it as a positive force in their lives.
We strive to be a first‐class resource for this positive outlet to each and every student that we reach.

Our Instructors
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced student our educated and experienced instructors can assess your skills and goals, and can guide you into the next phase of your learning. Furthermore, our instructors are all active, professional musicians and performers. Whether you plan on studying for higher education, preparing for the big stage, jamming in the basement, or singing around the campfire, our instructors have the professional experience and knowledge to prepare burgeoning musicians like you for the future.

Our Programs
The Weston School of Music currently provides co-‐curricular individual and group instruction in private schools, as well as in-­home instruction to individuals and families on the near north side of Chicago. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in registering for private instruction, having the Weston School of Music at your school, or are interested in learning more about our programs!

John Weston